Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Putting a face to the name

One of the goals with this blog is to put my family history research in the open so others who may be descended from these ancestors can find the information. Perhaps they have photos, letters or other artifacts that will help fill in gaps and add color to this rich history. That is exactly what happened this week when a distant cousin in North Dakota found my blog posts on William Gilbert Daniel and Sarah Jones Daniel. This cousin inherited a trunk that belonged to William A. Daniel (son of William G. and Sarah Daniel), and inside the trunk were old photos, a quilt made by Sarah and various other items.

I am extremely thankful that this cousin reached out, as now I have a picture of my 2nd-great-grandfather Thomas Robert Jones. The photo is undated, but was likely taken in Boone County, Indiana in the 1880s.
Source: G. Suckut. Thomas R. Jones.
Thomas had a quite a resemblance to his aunt Sarah Melissa Jones Daniel, in this undated photo below (perhaps about 1860-1862). Similar eyes and nose. It looks like Thomas inherited the blue eyes and dark hair of his father Joseph Jones (Sarah's older brother).
Source: G. Suckut. Sarah Jones Daniel.
There's more photos to follow, and I'm really happy to have these images. The photos do more than put a face to their name, we now have some personality to go with their stories.


  1. Patrick, that's wonderful! (Not to mention...I'm so jealous!) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos--and grateful to your generous distant cousin for sharing.

  2. Your blog put me in contact with this VERY same distant cousin! William A. Daniel, William G. and Sarah Daniel are also my Great grandfather and GG grandparents respectively. Your blog also gave me a image of my GG grandfather. :)


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