Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sarah's quilt

At some point between the arrival of the Daniel family in Boone County, Indiana about 1872 and the early death of Sarah Melissa Jones Daniel in July 1888, Sarah completed a wonderful quilt with an 18-point star pattern. The quilt exists today, passed down from her son William A. Daniel to future generations in North Dakota. This puts the quilt between 127-143 years old. If the quilt was made before Sarah and family left Jefferson County, Tennessee, then the quilt is even older.
Photo by G. Suckut. Quilt by Sarah M. Jones Daniel.
The quilt reminds me of another quiltmaker in the family, my 4th-great-grandmother Ursula Fellme Muck. Her quilt is now in the Indiana State Museum collection. Sarah's quilt is very impressive. I showed my wife the picture above, and she said that Sarah must have been very good at math, given the intricate details of the quilt.

Here is another photo of Sarah Melissa Jones Daniel, taken in Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana.
Source: G. Suckut. Sarah M. Jones Daniel.

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