Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A look ahead

The National Archives in St. Louis replied quickly yesterday to my inquiry on the Civil War pension file of Pleasant Morgan, confirming that it was not lost in the 1973 fire and they do have the file. The helpful archivist in St. Louis is in process of making a copy, once they receive my payment. The file is around 200 pages. I am hoping this file will help unravel the mystery of at least one of the parents for Mary Alice Cain Read and Harl Cain. Either way, I should have a much better sense of Pleasant Morgan after reading this file.
Civil War Pension index card for Pleasant Morgan, via Ancestry.
It may be a few weeks (or longer) before I receive the SS-5 application for Harl Cain. The pension file should provide plenty of blog content once it arrives.

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