Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Papers for US Citizenship

Arizona Republic, 23 Dec 1928
It seems fitting in Immigrant Heritage Month to write about another immigrant connection to the family. I previously wrote about Ataulfo Campuzano in April 2016. He was a son of Jose Jesus Campuzano and Elvira Felix. The article above from the Arizona Republic newspaper noted Ataulfo filed papers for US citizenship on 22 December 1928, and that he was a second cousin of Plutarco Elias Calles, former President of Mexico.

The last line in the article states "his paternal grandfather was a brother of President Calles' mother." This is not quite accurate. Ataulfo's father Jose Jesus Campuzano was a half-brother of Maria Teresa de Jesus Campuzano, President Calles' mother. Jose Jesus Campuzano was a son of Vicente Antonio Campuzano and his second wife Concepcion Amado.

A copy of Ataulfo's declaration of intention, signed 18 December 1928, is available on Ancestry's Arizona Naturalization Records, 1912-1991. He arrived by wagon as a two-year old with his parents and six siblings.
Ancestry, Arizona Naturalization Records, Image 1917.
 There is quite a bit more to this side of the Campuzano family. Additional posts to follow.

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