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Connecting the second family with the first

Back in 2012, distant cousin Pat and I traded messages trying to identify the connection between Antonio Campuzano and my 2nd-great-grandfather Vicente Plutarco Campuzano. Antonio was a barber in Tempe, Arizona, and Vicente joined him in Tempe in 1915. According to Pat, Antonio was the son of Ygnacio Campuzano, who was born in Arizpe, Sonora to Vicente Antonio Campuzano and Benancia Gutierrez.

After looking at this further, it appears my 3rd-great-grandfather Vicente Antonio had a first wife (or civil union) with Benancia Gutierrez in Arizpe beginning in the 1830s, and then a second union with Concepcion Amado about 1850 or 1851 in Altar. This means Ygnacio was a half-brother to Vicente Plutarco Campuzano. Identifying Benancia as first wife of Vicente Antonio opens up a whole other side of the Campuzano tree, one that connects Campuzano descendants to a Mexican President. In order to sort through these two branches of the family, here is my current understanding of the family composition:

Vicente Antonio Campuzano and Benancia Gutierrez had at least the following children:
- Jose M. Campuzano
- Librada Campuzano (born 1829 in Arizpe, died 31 Mar 1921 in Agua Prieta, Sonora)
- Francisco Campuzano (born about 1830 in Arizpe, Sonora)
- Maria Antonia Campuzano (born 1836 in Arizpe, Sonora)
- Crescencio Campuzano (born about 1839 in Arizpe, died 28 Dec 1917 in Agua Prieta, Sonora)
- Maria Jesus Campuzano (born about 1847)
- Ygnacio Campuzano (born about 1848)

Vicente Antonio Campuzano and Maria Concepcion Amado had at least the following children:
- Dolores Campuzano (born about 1851, died 21 October 1853 in Altar)
- Maria Concepcion Gabina Campuzano (born 31 Mar 1852 in Altar)
- Maria Emilia Campuzano (born June 1855, died 23 July 1858 in Altar)
- Maria del Carmen Campuzano (born 1857, died 29 July 1858 in Altar)
- Jose Jesus Campuzano (born 12 May 1859, died 11 Jan 1912 in Tucson, Arizona)
- Vicente Plutarco Campuzano (born 10 May 1862 in Pitiquito, died 31 Oct 1940 in Altar)

The marriage record for Jesus Campuzano, age 16, to Francisco Valdez Calles on 12 February 1864 in Hermosillo lists her parents as Vicente Campuzano and Benancia Gutierrez.

The baptism record for Maria Emilia Campuzano from 26 June 1855 shows Vicente Campuzano and Maria Concepcion Amado:
Source: FamilySearch, Altar, Sonora baptisms, Image 368
The baptism record for Jose Jesus Campuzano does not list Vicente, but does show mother Concepcion Amado. This is from the Altar, Sonora baptism records on FamilySearch, dated 27 May 1859.
Source: FamilySearch, Altar, Sonora baptisms, Image 386
There are quite a lot of documents resulting from these lines. Jose Campuzano went to California and appears in the immigration records in 1889, stating that he arrived in Los Angeles in 1852. Francisco appears in the 1860 US Census in Tubac, Arizona as a tailor, with his family. I will have more on both of these men in upcoming posts.

Update - 8 February 2016 - Corrected this page based on new information showing Librada Campuzano was a child of Vicente Campuzano and Benancia Gutierrez and added a new child Crescencio Campuzano.

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