Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another tailor in the family

After tracking Jose Maria Campuzano to Los Angeles, the next son of Vicente Antonio Campuzano that I have found is Francisco Campuzano. He appears in the 1860 US Census as a tailor, living in Tubac, Arizona, Territory of New Mexico with his wife Prudencia and three sons Celso, Gregorio and infant Francisco. Prudencia is listed as a seamstress.
Source: 1860 Census, via Ancestry
From the baptism records on FamilySearch, Prudencia's maiden name was Rivera. Francisco and Prudencia had at least the following children:
- Nestor Celso Campuzano (born 1854 in Altar, died 6 December 1929)
- Gregorio Campuzano (born 1855)
- Jose Francisco Hilario Campuzano (born 1859)
- Maria Ysabel Emilia Campuzano (born 1864)
- Lorenzo Campuzano (born 1867)
- Jose Francisco Campuzano (born 1870)

Celso Campuzano appears in the Tucson newspaper El Fronterizo in August 1887 as an agent of the mines for Altar, Sonora.
Via Newspapers.com, 20 Aug 1887.

In 30 May 1891, Celso and family are mentioned along with "young Dn. Francisco Campusano" in the news from Altar, Sonora.
Via Newspapers.com, 30 May 1891.
From El Fronterizo in 1895, Celso Campuzano is mentioned as a prominent citizen of Altar, visiting family in Tucson for 3 days.
Via Newspapers.com, 21 Sep 1895.

Celso's sister, Emilia (appears as Amelia) married Bernardo Navarro and was living in Tucson, Arizona with family during the 1900 US Census. The census record shows that she arrived by 1891. Their brother Lorenzo appears as a boarder in the census record.

There's more on this family in the records from Altar, Sonora.

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