Sunday, June 14, 2015

A tailor in Los Angeles

Yesterday's post traced Jose Maria Campuzano to California. He appears as a tailor in the 1880 and 1900 US Census. The City Directories for Los Angeles provide additional information on Jose and his years in the city.

Jose first appears in the 1875 City Directory, as a clerk living at 37 Upper Main.
1875 City Directory, Los Angeles

In 1879, Jose appears as a tailor at 7 Spring Street (across from present-day LA City Hall).

By 1882, Jose is listed as a tailor working with C. Jensen. There is another Campuzano who makes an appearance in this record, Frank Campuzano, a fireman with the Los Angeles Flouring Mills. I suspect he is a son of Jose's brother, Francisco Campuzano, but I cannot yet rule him out as a son of Jose. I have more work to do researching him.
In 1883, Jose appears at 179 Alameda Street. By 1884, Jose is at 43 Sansevain. By 1886, Jose is at 19 Sainsevain.

In 1887, Jose is listed as a tailor working with H. P. Allen, and residing at 19 Sainsevain. This matches up with the address in the letter published in El Frontierizo.

From 1891-1893, Jose appears in the City Directories working with G. Basserman, and residing at 353 Aliso Street. By 1895, Jose is listed at 147 N. Vine Street. The 1896 City Directory lists several Campuzanos. Conchita and Jose Jr are both children of Jose Campuzano, living at 147 N. Vine Street. Conchita would have been 21 years old, while Jose Jr would have been 17. I am not yet clear on the relationship of Ysidora and Frank A. Campuzano.

It looks like Jose died about 1901. In the 1902 City Directory, his wife Manuela appears as "widow of Jose M."

Jose Maria Campuzano and Manuela Dominguez had at least the following children:
- Concepcion "Conchita" Campuzano (born about December 1875)
- Jose M. Campuzano Jr. (born 28 January 1879)
- Maria Antonia Natalia Campuzano (born 1 December 1880)
- Nellie Pauline Campuzano (born 2 March 1883)
- Frances Campuzano (born December 1887)

It is not yet clear if Frank A. Campuzano and Isadora Campuzano who appear in the 1896 City Directory are children of an earlier marriage by Jose or part of a different Campuzano family.

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