Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tracing the Campuzano family to Los Angeles

In Thursday's post, I wrote about the first family of my 3rd-great-grandfather Vicente Antonio Campuzano. I am now going to follow the documents on some of Vicente's children in this line. According to his immigration papers, Vicente's son Jose Maria Campuzano moved from Arizpe, Sonora to Los Angeles, California. He was an early arrival in LA after the Mexican War and California statehood, and he stated in his 1889 Declaration of Intention that he came to LA in May 1852.
Source: US Naturalization Records on Ancestry. Declarations of Intention.

Jose appears in the Los Angeles Herald on 6 August 1892, as part of a group of foreigners who had applied for citizenship.
Source: Los Angeles Herald, 6 Aug 1892.
On 23 July 1887, Jose wrote a letter that appeared in the Tucson, Arizona Spanish language newspaper El Fronterizo. In the letter, he listed his address in Los Angeles in order for his siblings in Tucson to be able to find him. I think this is an important find because it shows a connection between Jose and Campuzano family in Arizona.
Via, El Fronterizo, 23 Jul 1887
Jose married Manuela Dominguez in Los Angeles on 6 November 1874. The couple appear in the 1880 US Census in Los Angeles, living next door to Antonio Orfila and family. Jose is listed as a tailor. This seems to be a fitting profession for Jose to have followed, as his father Vicente was a shoemaker in Sonora.
1880 US Census.
By 1900, Jose and family appear in the US Census living at 145 Vine Street (on the corner of Sunset and Vine).

In the next post I will look at the City Directories for Los Angeles to fill in the gaps between 1880 and 1900, and explore the children of Jose and Manuela.

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