Monday, June 20, 2016

Jesus Felix Campuzano

In last Thursday's post, I introduced the family of Jose Jesus Campuzano. With this post I am going to dig into the story on Ataulfo Campuzano's older brother Jesus Felix Campuzano. He was likely born in Mexico around 1888 or 1889. His World War I draft card lists a birth date of 28 February 1890, but I don't think this is accurate as their brother Alfredo Campuzano was born in March 1890 and Alfredo's birth is verified in Sonora Civil Registration Records.
Ancestry, WWI Draft Cards, 5 Jun 1917.
The address on Jesus Campuzano's draft card matches up with the address for his parents' home, 267 S. Stone Avenue in Tucson. His occupation is listed as blacksmith.

Jesus married 18-year old Jesus Anaya on 29 July 1913 in Tucson, Arizona. Their marriage was short-lived, and she filed for divorce in mid 1915, perhaps after he pled guilty to grand larceny in 1914.

Arizona Daily Star, 11 Oct 1914.
Arizona Daily Star, 14 Oct 1915.
Arizona Daily Star, 12 Nov 1915.
Jesus died young, likely about 31 years old, on 20 September 1919. His death notice appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on 21 September 1919 (misspelling his brother Ataulfo's name as Rudolfo).
Arizona Daily Star, 21 Sept 1919

I thought this might have been the end of the story on Jesus and his former wife Jesus Anaya. However, when I was running searches within, I uncovered a 1915 scandal involving Jesus Anaya, which became a sensational court case involving accusations of perjury, a jailhouse wedding, violations of immigration law, a prison break and more. The story is too crazy not to cover on the blog. I will write about this in the posts to follow.

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