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Campuzano family at Red Rock, Arizona

Photo from I. Wagers. Campuzano family at Red Rock, AZ. About 1903 or 1905.
This wonderful old photo was sent to me by Irene Wagers, showing members of her branch of the Campuzano family at Red Rock, Pinal County, Arizona. The photo was taken around 1903 to 1905. Her father, Ataulfo Campuzano, is the boy on the white donkey in the center of the picture. Ataulfo's father, Jose Jesus Campuzano, is the man in the white apron on the left side of the photo. Ataulfo's older sister Mariana Campuzano is in the white dress on the right side of the photo, standing in front of the tent.

In the 1900 US Census (taken 12 June 1900), the family appears in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.

Jesus also appears in the 1900 US Census (taken 2 June 1900) in Pinal County, Arizona, working as a wagonmaker.

In the 1901 City Directory for Tucson, Jesus Campuzano appears as a carpenter, living at 536 N. 8th Avenue. Crescencio Campuzano, who also appears in this record, was an older half-brother of Jesus.

According to the 1902 City Directory, the family was living at 288 Convent Street at the time. Jesus was working as a blacksmith.

Jose Jesus Campuzano and Elvira Felix had seven children:
- Mariana Campuzano (1883-1945)
- Rosaura Campuzano (1886-1947)
- Jesus Felix Campuzano (Abt 1888 or 1889 -1919)
- Alfredo Campuzano (1890-1891)
- Plutarco Campuzano (1892-1892)
- Gilberto Campuzano (1893-1904)
- Ataulfo Campuzano (1895-1984)

Alfredo and Plutarco died as infants in Sonora. The birth records for both children list Vicente Campuzano and Concepcion Amado as grandparents.

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