Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Children of Immigrants

Photo from I. Wagers. Red Rock School, approximately 1901-1903
With the anticipation of the US Supreme Court's expected ruling in US v Texas, I thought it was fitting to post this photo from the collection of Irene Wagers. The young boy in the center, 4th row, with an X above his head was her father, Ataulfo Campuzano. This picture is from the Red Rock school in Red Rock, Pinal County, Arizona, and was likely taken between 1901-1903. The students in this photo were probably children of immigrants, or immigrants themselves.

These children may have gone on from school to do things like Ataulfo, who became a US citizen, worked as a printing press operator in Arizona newspapers, witnessed a fire and sounded an alarm, potentially saving lives and buildings in the process. While times may have been different around 115 years ago, these kids were looking for the same opportunities that children of immigrants seek today. A fitting post to close out Immigrant Heritage Month.

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