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Family Connections

On 12 February 1864 in Hermosillo, Sonora, twenty-nine year old Francisco Calles married sixteen year old Jesus Campuzano. She was a daughter of my third-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano and his first wife Benancia Gutierrez. Based on this entry, Francisco was born about 1835, and Jesus Campuzano was born in 1847.
Ancestry, Mexico Church Records, Hermosillo. Image 557.
Francisco and Jesus settled in Hermosillo and had at least the following children:
- Aquila Clemencia Calles (23 Jan 1867 - )
- Jose Carlos Calles (1868 - )
- Francisco Calles

Aquila Clemencia Calles' baptism record lists her grandmother Benancia Gutierrez as a godmother. She was baptized on 10 March 1867.
Ancestry, Mexico Church Records, Hermosillo. Image 280.
Francisco Calles died sometime before 1874. Jesus Campuzano would have been about 27 years old then. In 1874, her mother Benancia was living in Guaymas, Sonora, and it looks like Jesus moved there with her young children (or perhaps Francisco Calles had moved there with the family before his death). 1874 was also the year Jesus' cousin Alejandra Ayón married Fernando Pesqueira in Guaymas. Alejandra would have been 24 years old.

In April 1874, Jesus Campuzano gave birth to a daughter, Maria Dolores. The father was Plutarco Elias, originally of Ures, Sonora, who had moved to Guaymas and was working in the city government. According to a book by Jürgen Buchenau, it does not appear that Jesus Campuzano married Plutarco Elias. They had a son, Plutarco Elias, in September 1877. Shortly afterward, Plutarco Elias left Guaymas, leaving Jesus to take care of the young children on her own. Jesus Campuzano died in Guaymas in 1880 when she was about 33 years old. The Plutarco Elias Calles archive in Mexico City and Jürgen Buchenau's 2007 book, Plutarco Elias Calles and the Mexican Revolution, has a photo of Jesus Campuzano:
Büchenau, page 33, and FAPEC. Jesus Campuzano.

In last Tuesday's post on Guaymas, Sonora, I wrote how Alejandra Ayón, daughter of Librada Campuzano de Ayón, hosted the wedding of Aquila Calles and Belisario Moreno in August 1885. This marriage record shows Aquila was 18 years old. As both of her parents had died before 1885, Aquila's brother Francisco provided his consent to the marriage.
Ancestry, Mexico Civil Registrations, Hermosillo. Image 355.
Ancestry, Mexico Civil Registrations, Hermosillo. Image 356.
After Jesus' death, Dolores and Plutarco were taken in by relatives in Hermosillo and Guaymas. Juan Bautista Calles adopted Plutarco (he took the name Plutarco Elias Calles and used that name the remainder of his life). Juan Bautista Calles may have been a brother of Francisco Calles, but he had also married Jesus Campuzano's sister Maria Antonia Campuzano, and therefore he was an uncle of Dolores and Plutarco. Juan Bautista Calles has another connection as a son of Joseph Manuel Calles and Manuela Flores, my 5th-great-grandparents.

Juan Bautista Calles was a well-off merchant in Hermosillo. According to his death record, Juan Bautista Calles died on 6 November 1922 at the age of 80 years old.

There are several documents in the Mexican records on Juan Bautista Calles and Maria Antonia Campuzano, which I will save for a subsequent post. Dolores Elias Calles shows up in many records as well, including border crossing records between Sonora and Arizona. Dolores also shows up in the 1900 US Census as spouse of Jesus Osuna. Her aunt Librada Campuzano de Ayón was living with the family at the time (listed as mother-in-law of Jesus), so clearly there was a close connection between Dolores and the Campuzano family after the death of her mother Jesus. According to the census entry, Dolores arrived in the US in 1888. Librada arrived in 1886.

Dolores Elias Calles married Jesus Osuna in Arizona on 13 February 1893. They lived in Tucson for some time, but later moved across the border to Agua Prieta, the same town where Dolores' aunt Librada and uncle Crescencio Campusano lived. Agua Prieta played another central role for the family, as Dolores' brother Plutarco Elias Calles became mayor of the town in 1911.

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