Monday, February 15, 2016

Another connection for the Quijada and Dias families

In continuing the review of my 4th-great-grandparents Jose Jesus Dias and Maria Dolores Preciado, the parents of Jose de Jesus Marcario Dias, I uncovered a link to my other 4th-great-grandparents, Jose Quijada and Maria Josefa Gradias, the parents of Dolores Quijada. Dolores had an older sister, Luciana Quijada, who married Jose Carmen Dias, brother of Jose de Jesus. Luciana was born about 1829, and she married Jose Carmen Dias on 10 May 1852 in Hermosillo. The entry below lists both sets of 4th-great-grandparents.
Ancestry, Mexico Select Church Records, Hermosillo, Image 385.
Luciana and Jose Carmen had a daughter, Maria Tomasa Diaz, who was baptized on 30 December 1853 in Hermosillo. Josefa Gradias is listed on the baptism record. Maria Tomasa died on 19 December 1874 in Pueblo de Seris. The document says she was 18 but was 21.

Luciana and Jose Carmen had another daughter, Maria Librada Dias, who was born in September 1857 in Pueblo de Seris. Maria Librada married Nestor Camacho on 4 October 1875 in Hermosillo.

Luciana died on 26 May 1867 in Pueblo de Seris. Her parents Jose Quijada and Maria Josefa Gradias are listed in the document.

Jose Quijada and Maria Josefa Gradias had at least the following children:
- Jesus Quijada
- Luciana Quijada (1829-1867)
- Juan Sirilo de Jesus Quijada (1841-)
- Maria Victoriana de los Dolores Quijada (1844-1917)
- Maria Jenobeba Quijada
- Juan Luis de Jesus Quijada
- Mariana de Los Angeles Quijada

On the Dias side of the family, Jose Jesus Dias and Maria Dolores Preciado had several children in Pueblo de Seris and Hermosillo:
- Jose Carmen Dias
- Maria de Jesus Dias (1839-)
- Jesus Eligio Dias
- Maria Casilda Dias (1840-)
- Jose de Jesus Macario Dias (1841-1884)
- Maria Juana Dias (1845-1873)

I am continuing to look for additional records on the Dias and Quijada families in Hermosillo and Pueblo de Seris.

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