Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Artisan

Following the recap on my 3rd-great-grandmother Dolores Quijada, I turn to her husband, my 3rd-great-grandfather Jose de Jesus Diaz. He was born in March 1841, and was a son of Jose Jesus Dias and Maria Dolores Preciado. He was baptized on 10 March 1841 and his full name was Jose de Jesus Macario Dias.
Ancestry, Mexican Civil Registrations, Hermosillo, Image 212 of 746.

Jose de Jesus and Dolores were married around 1861 or 1862. As an update on my previous post on their family from 16 November 2014, below is a list of their children.
- Antonio Diaz (1862-1949)
- Teresa Diaz (1867-1940)
- Jose Miguel Diaz (1869-)
- Jose Antonio Miguel Diaz (1871-)
- Gregorio A. Diaz (1874-1956)
- Manuel Diaz (1875-1962)
- Emelina Diaz (1879-1883)
- Tomas Diaz (1882-1918)
- Maria de Jesus Diaz (1884-1967)

Between 1867-1882, the family records appear in Hermosillo, but by 1883, the appear in Pueblo de Seris. Jose de Jesus Diaz appears in the Mexico, Civil Registration records in the Pueblo de Seris on 23 January 1884. According to his death record, he was an artisan. He died at the age of 42 due to heart disease.

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