Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Diaz-Mirazo Family

On Sunday I posted a copy of the marriage record for Maria Jesus Diaz and Francisco Mirazo from February 1911. Maria was a younger sister of my 2nd-great-grandmother Teresa Diaz. I found a copy of Maria's obituary in the 19 April 1967 edition of the Tucson Daily Citizen, which states that she passed away on 17 April 1967. She had lived a long life, some of it spent in Hermosillo and Nogales, Sonora, as well as in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.
Source: Newspapers.com, 19 Apr 1967 Tucson Daily Citizen.
I already posted a copy of the 1930 Mexico Census showing Maria and Francisco living in Nogales, with brother Manuel Diaz. Maria and Francisco had at least the following children:
- Francisco Mirazo (born 10 November 1911 in Hermosillo)
- Dolores Mirazo (born about January 1913)
- Gustavo Mirazo (born about 1916)
- Leonardo Mirazo (born 27 March 1918 in Nogales)
- Agripina Mirazo (born 15 January 1920 in Nogales)
- Socorro Mirazo (born 1923)
- Aurora Mirazo (born 1924)

Maria and family (husband and children Francisco and Dolores) crossed the border at Naco, Arizona on 4 June 1913. Interestingly it shows that Maria had previously visited the US in 1907.
Source: Ancestry, US-Mexico Border Crossing records

The back of the manifest included hand written testimony of the marriage of Maria and Francisco in Hermosillo on 6 February (the year was actually 1911, not 1913). It also lists attendees of the wedding, including Maria's mother, Dolores Quijada, her brothers Antonio Diaz, Tomas Diaz, Gregorio Diaz, sister Teresa Diaz, Teresa's three children (one would have been my great-grandmother Manuela, as well as Francisco's brothers Jose Mirazo, Leonardo Mirazo, sister Francisca Mirazo, among other relatives. The statement also says the marriage was witnessed, and that they have a certificate, presumably in Mexico. A similar but shorter description of the marriage is on the back of Francisco's border crossing manifest. My assumption is that this detailed information was provided to help satisfy to the border officials that Maria and Francisco were actually married.
Source: Ancestry. Back of Francisco Mirazo's entrance manifest.
The text is hard to read, but according to Francisco's statement it looks like they lived with Dolores Quijada in Hermosillo after they were married, and that she is "very old" in 1913. My guess is she was about 73. It also confirms Teresa Diaz was present at the wedding.

Maria crossed the border again a year later on 6 June 1914 at Nogales. It shows that she had been living in Phoenix, Arizona at the time.

I remember my Granny recalling visiting her cousins in Nogales and also their visits in Tucson. Perhaps the old photos I posted in 2012 for Hispanic Heritage Month include some of the Mirazo cousins.

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