Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Christmas Project

Two years ago my Mom and I took the AncestryDNA test. With this season of Finding Your Roots providing renewed interest within the family in DNA testing, my wife took the test this summer. My Dad and sister currently have their tests in processing with the Ancestry Lab. I'm hoping their results will be back before Christmas. Whether the results are back in time or not, I committed to giving my Mom a book highlighting some of the findings on her branches of the family, mixed with photos and lineage details somewhat like the book Dr. Gates gives his guests on the show. This is becoming the "Christmas Project".
Photo by Patrick Jones. Boomer, 25 Dec 2003.
My struggle now is editing the information from various locations, photos, plus details from 713 blog posts down into something manageable, simple and attractive. I'm beginning to pull together ideas for the outline, in order to arrange the contents in an interesting way. I think I am leaning toward just highlighting a few stories, but having this be mostly photos and images. As I go through the process of pulling it together I'll have a few posts, so look for more after Thanksgiving.

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