Sunday, November 16, 2014

Piecing together the Diaz family

Back in December 2012, I posted a baptism record for my second-great-grandmother Teresa Diaz. Or at least at the time I thought it was the correct one. Last week fellow researcher Pat sent me the right one, along with several other baptism records for siblings of Teresa. While I fixed my earlier post with this updated information, I had not yet posted a recap on the Diaz family. This post covers what I know so far.

Now that I have the correct entries for Teresa, I also have updated names for her parents, my third-great-grandparents. They were Jose Jesus Diaz and Dolores Quijada. I don't yet have a marriage record for them, but I believe they were married in Hermosillo, Sonora sometime around 1862-1865. I think this roughly puts their birth years around 1840-1844.

In addition to my second-great-grandmother Teresa, they had at least the following children:
- Jose Miguel Diaz, born 6 February 1869
- Jose Antonio Miguel Diaz, born 14 April 1871
- Manuel Diaz, born 1875
- Emelina Diaz, born 26 August 1879
- Maria Jesus Diaz

The baptism record for Jose Miguel Diaz is below:
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora Catholic Church Records. Image 537.
 Another son was born in 1871. Jose Antonio Miguel Diaz was baptized on 16 May 1871.
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora Catholic Church Records. Image 276.
The baptism record for Emelina Diaz is below, dated 27 August 1879.
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora Catholic Church Records. Image 319.
Teresa had another sister, Maria Jesus Diaz. She married Francisco Mirazo. This was the family that my Granny and her parents went to visit in Nogales in 1929 (see my blog post titled 1929 Visit to Nogales). Pat sent me a link to the marriage record for Maria Jesus and Francisco, from the Sonora Catholic Church records (starting at image 102). They were married on 6 February 1911 in Hermosillo. The record lists Maria Jesus' father as deceased, so he died sometime before February 1911.
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora Catholic Church Records. Marriages 1910-1912.

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