Friday, December 14, 2012

Baptism Record of Teresa Diaz

In May I wrote about the arrival of my great-grandmother Manuela Portillo and her mother, my 2nd-great-grandmother, Teresa Diaz, in the United States in November 1922. I've now located the baptism record for Teresa Diaz in the Mexico, Catholic Church records for Hermosillo, Sonora.
Source: FamilySearch, Mexico, Catholic Church Records - Hermosillo
This looks like she was baptized on 10 October 1867. It shows her father as Jesus Dias, but curiously her mother is listed as Trinidad Sigueiros. Previously I had her mother listed as Dolores Quijada. There's more research to do on this line. I am looking for the marriage record for Teresa Diaz and Manuel Portillo, as this may shed more light on the family.

Update 10 November 2014
Thanks to the research of a distant cousin who is also following the Campuzano line, I now know the record posted above was for a different Teresa Dias, not my 2nd-great-grandmother. My Teresa's baptism record is below, confirming her mother as Dolores Quijada. Teresa's birthdate was 4 February 1867, and she was baptized on 6 February 1867.
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora Catholic Church Records, Image 273.
It is still possible that these two Teresas were cousins. Other baptism records for Hermosillo show siblings of Teresa. Her father's name was Jose Jesus Diaz.

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