Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not the End of the World

Tomorrow is 21 December 2012 but not the Mayan Apocalypse. I take this as an opportunity to share some from my own Mayan experience, from 2004 and 2009. In 2004, my wife and I rented a car in Merida, Yucatan and drove across the peninsula to Tulum, and up & down the coast. It was a great place, one of our best vacations. As it turns cold and blustery here in DC, I think a cup of Mayan hot chocolate will be calling our names tomorrow.
Patrick L Jones - Coba, Mexico, 2004
Patrick L Jones - Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2004
Patrick L Jones - Mexico City, 2009
Last week my sister and I saw Matisyahu at the 9:30 Club. The clip below isn't from that concert, but a few days earlier, a performance of Light. It's about making the most of our time while we have it. "Time will continue without you, so in the end, it's not about you, but, what would you do?...One tiny moment in time for life to shine, to burn away the darkness, you've got one tiny moment in time...I will be light..." So let's take tomorrow as a time to reflect, perhaps reset our thinking, but it's not the end of the world. We've got a short period of time here to make our mark. Let's make the best of it.

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