Sunday, June 3, 2012

On Moving

I'm in process of moving a mile and a half this week (testing the Blogger mobile app with this post). On one of my short trips to move stuff from one place to the next, I remembered other moves over the years, and thought it might be good to add some information that the Census will miss.

Between the 1990 Census (when I was in my parents household in Indiana) & the 2000 Census, I lived at 5 different addresses. I moved 7 times (2x to return to my parents' place after college).

Between the 2000 & 2010 Census, I've lived at 5 different locations in 3 states, including on both coasts and the Midwest. That didn't feel like a lot of moving at the time. I'm hoping we'll be in this place for a few years.

We're going on our third address in Alexandria, VA. The brother of my 4th-great-grandmother lived in Alexandria in the 1820s into the early 1830s. I wonder if she visited him in Alexandria, and walked along some of the same streets we take in Old Town. I'll have more on Alexandria's history and family connections to it in July.

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