Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1940 Census Update

Here's an update on the status of indexes for the 1940 Census for the states I am researching:

- On FamilySearch, Indiana has been sitting at 99% indexed for a while. I'm waiting for the index so I can see where my Jones family was living in Indianapolis after the moved from Boone County. I have quite a few other branches on my Dad's, Mom's and wife's family lines in Indiana. So I wait for the index.
- Arizona is complete and the index is available. I found my great-grandparents Plutarco Campuzano, Manuela Portillo, their children and great-great-grandmother Teresa Diaz de Portillo. They misspelled Plutarco and one of his sons on the index, so I'm hoping they offer a way to suggest corrections at some point in the future.

For other states:
- Kentucky is at 40%
- Illinois is at 30%
- California is at 99%
- Texas is at 38%
- Tennessee is at 27%

For more information, see the 1940 Census page.

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