Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Photo - Blanche Allene O'Brien

Blanche Allene O'Brien - Photo source, Keith D. Jones
The beautiful woman in this photo is my grandmother, my Dad's mother, Blanche Allene O'Brien Jones. I have previously posted bits on Blanche in a 21 May 2012 look back at the O'Brien family and a Wordless Wednesday photo of Blanche at 1 week old in 1912.

Blanche was almost 29 years old when she married my Gumpy, Keith D. Jones, in Indianapolis on 11 October 1941. According to my Dad, Blanche owned a successful beauty salon. Her brother Lowell was working at the Allison Engine plant in Indianapolis, and my Gumpy took a job there as WWII broke out, building engines for planes that flew in the war. My Dad says that Gumpy and Blanche most likely met through Lowell. Blanche was Gumpy's first wife. She passed on 29 November 1960.

Photo source - Mike O'Brien
I am looking forward to finding Blanche in the 1940 Census once the index for Indiana is available. In the meantime, I'll be posting more photos from the sets provided to me by my Dad and his cousin Mike O'Brien.
Blanche at White River, Photo source - Keith D Jones

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