Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First of June

The 1st of June marks two themes that fit into my interests. This day is the start of the 3rd Immigrant Heritage Month, which I have covered in previous posts such as last year's The Journey and 2014's post on the month. I have quite a few stories to bring to the blog on my Campuzano ancestors and related families who entered the US from Mexico and contributed to history of this country in their own unique ways.

The second theme for the 1st of June is Global Running Day. I have been training for the Reykjavik Marathon in August, and had been looking forward to the NYC Marathon in November. Unfortunately a meeting that was originally supposed to be in Puerto Rico at the end of October has been moved to India in November, conflicting with the marathon. So, I'm going to defer my entry in NYC to 2017 and look for another race in October or November. Possibly the Army Ten Miler in DC or another half marathon.

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