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More land involving the Green family

In mid July I wrote about my 4th-great-grandparents Thomas Green and Sarah Sally Hickey. Here are a few more land deeds involving the Green family, from the package of deed records sent by the Jefferson County Archives.

On 3 May 1847, Thomas Green acquired 40 acres of land in Jefferson County, Tennessee in exchange for $40. The land was purchased from Jacob Peck, through Adam C. Peck.

On the same day, William J. Cannon, a son of Thomas Cannon, filed a deed conveying 200 acres of land from his father's estate. His brothers Isaac B. Cannon and John Cannon were witnesses on the deed. The date of the conveyance was 29 August 1846.

Thomas Green and Sarah Hickey Green were also named in the sale of land from Thomas D. Hickey's estate to John A. Skeen. This sale was made on 13 January 1857. A transcription is below:

Hickey's Heirs title bond John A. Skeen, registered 1 January 1866

State of Tennessee}
Jefferson County}

This indenture made and entered onto this 13 day of January 1857 between Benj Robertson and his wife Polly Robertson formerly Polly Hickey, Wm F Robertson and his wife Rachel Robertson formerly Rachel Hickey, Thomas Green and his wife Sarah Green formerly Sarah Hickey, James Smith and his wife Eliz Smith formerly Eliz Hickey, Benj Hickey, John Hickey, Thos M. Hickey, Martha J. Hickey, Margaret A. Hickey, Harry Rians and his wife Nancy Rians of the one part and John A. Skeen of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars each to them in hand paid the receipt whereof in hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold and by these presence doth bargain and sell unto the said John A. Skeen our interest in an [unreadable] tract of land of 142 1/2 acres of the estate of Thomas D. Hickey dec. lying and being in the county and state aforesaid joining lands with Richard Thornhill, Marion Skeen and John A. Skeen and George McFarland being the same tract of land on which the said T.D. Hickey lived at the time of his death and also then interest in the personal property of Rachel Hickey her [unreadable] at her death and the afore bounded John Robertson and his wife Polly Robertson, W F. Robertson and his wife Rachel Robertson, Thomas Green and his wife Sarah Green, James Smith and his wife Eliz Smith, B. Hickey, J. Hickey, Thomas Hickey, and Martha J. Hickey and Margaret A. Hickey will warrant and forever [unreadable] there interest in and to said tract or parcel of land and there interest in the personal property of the widow Rachel Hickey from the lawful claims of all and every other person whatsoever onto the said John A. Skeen his heirs and assigns set our hands and seals the date above written the said John A. Skeen doth agree on his part to pay [unreadable] Hickey his proportion according to the claims he holds in the estate.

Attest M. Skeen, R. Thornhill}

John C. Hickey {seal}
Benj. Hickey {seal}
James Smith {seal}
Elizabeth Smith {seal}
Benj Robertson {seal}
Mary Robertson {seal}
Margaret A. Hickey {seal}
Martha J. HIckey {seal}
Thomas Green {seal}
Sarah Green {seal}
Thos M. Hickey {seal}
Henry Rians {seal}
Nancy Rians {seal}
Wm Robertson {seal}
Rachel Robertson {seal}
The deed above provides a wealth of information on the family of Thomas D. Hickey and Rachel Cannon Hickey. I will have more on Thomas and Rachel in another post.

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