Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Posts of 2012

In looking back at the blog over the course of the year, I'm very pleased with the new discoveries made on various lines. There's still much to be done to improve the storytelling aspect of the blog, but as an idea trigger and outlet, this really has been great. I've also made some nice connections over the year, and for that I am thankful too.

Some of my posts generated more views than others, and it's interesting for me to see the top posts for 2012. Thanks for reading.

1. Elizabeth Key Grinstead - This post was far and away the most read of the year, and continues to receive many views. Elizabeth's story is a great one.

2. Tech Tuesday - Information Standards in the Family History Space

3. Generations Project Ends Series 

4. AncestryDNA Results

5. Thomas Jones 1778-1857

6. Liga Protectora Latina

7. Friday Photo - Blanche's Geography Book

8. Tech Tuesday - Flipboard

9. Sympathy Saturday - A Mother's Pension Denied

10. The Parents of William Allman

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