Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Parents of William Allman

Last week I mentioned a breakthrough in the long search for the parents of my 3rd-great-grandfather, William Allman. After a lot of digging, and stumbling into the thorough research of Jennie Jean Barnes and Patricia Flint via the Family History Library Catalog on FamilySearch, I now know William's parents were James and Lydia Rumple Allman.

Some records list James Allman's birth as 5 January 1805, in Jefferson County, Ohio. Lydia was born 2 December 1809. They were married on 25 February 1825 in Jefferson County.

James and Lydia had at least the following children:
1. Sarah Ann Allman - born 1827, died on 4 February 1889 in Carroll County, Ohio
2. Joseph Allman - born on 1830
3. Jonathan Allman - born 1833, died on 1 November 1893 in Missouri
4. Elizabeth Allman - born 1835
5. William Allman - born 25 March 1837, died 3 February 1875 in Vermilion County, Illinois (my 3rd-great-grandfather)
6. Levi Allman - born between 1839-1842, he died on 2 April 1865 of wounds at the Battle of Bentonville in North Carolina during the Civil War
7. Mary Jane Allman - born 25 January 1840 (according to one tree on Ancestry, she died on 29 August 1906 in Washington State)
8. Robert T. Allman - born on 18 March 1848, died on 9 September 1849 in Carroll County, Ohio
9. Ephraim B. Allman - born on 18 March 1848, died in 1901 in Rocky Comfort, Ohio
10. Robert James Allman - born on 20 October 1851, died on 18 February 1913 in Barry County, Missouri (Robert was living with William Allman & family in the 1870 US Census in Vermilion County, Illinois)

James, Lydia and family appear in the 1850 US Census in Carroll County, Ohio (misspelled as Ollman, which is one reason I had difficulty finding them).
Lydia Rumple Allman died on 16 March 1853 in Carroll County, Ohio. James married second wife Sarah J (last name currently unknown) in either Carroll County or Wood County, Ohio sometime before the family appeared in the 1860 US Census in Wood County, Ohio.

James and Sarah Allman had at least three children:
1. Rinaldo Allman, born 1854 in Wood County, Ohio
2. Willie Allman, born 1856 in Wood County, Ohio
3. Florence Allman, born 1864 in Indiana

In the 1860 US Census, James, Sarah and family appear in Wood County, Ohio:
This shows James (age 56), Sarah (age 30), Ephraim (age 15), Robert (age 9), Rinaldo (age 6), Willie (age 4). Ephraim, Robert and Rinaldo were in school at the time.

By 1870, while other sons of James and Lydia were beginning to establish themselves in Illinois and Missouri, James and Sarah were living in Kosciusko County, Indiana. Curiously, James' state of birth is listed as Maryland.
In the 1880 US Census, James and Sarah appear in Barry County, Missouri, with sons Ephraim and Joseph Allman living next door with their families.
James Allman passed away on 11 November 1888 in Rocky Comfort, McDonald County, Missouri. James is buried with other members of the Allman family in Rocky Comfort Cemetery.

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