Friday, November 2, 2012

Writing Reminders November

I've gotten out of the habit of sticking to writing reminders, partly because of the huge amount of new information that arrived in October, two weeks on the road that got me out of rhythm for updates, and because of a shift in the stories that I wanted to bring to life on the blog.

Here are some reminders, some carried forward from September, some I flagged for October and haven't yet covered:
- More from the Civil War pension file of Joseph Jones; go back to the Archives and get a better set of scans
- The Allman family in Ohio
- Tech Tuesday post on using Asana for family history (It's free and awesome, you should try it)
- Tracking my Tennessee ancestors, progress on the First Families of Tennessee application
- More on the Davis family, Revolutionary War veteran Azariah Davis
- My wife's Halter ancestors arrive in New Orleans
- More on California connections
- Responses on research queries in Tennessee
- Van Meters arrive in New Amsterdam (may cover in December)

We're also awaiting the return of my Mom's AncestryDNA results. Hopefully these will arrive sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I've put the Matthews and Whitley/Wheatley research to the side, but I have a couple of old photo albums from my Grandma Lois' collection that are calling out to be examined and scanned. I may not get to this until after Thanksgiving. I suspect if I get through the first 4 items, the month is pretty much a success, but one never knows. At the beginning of October, I had no idea that by the end of the month there would be such major breakthroughs on two lines of the family.

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