Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birth Records for Vicente Jr & Plutarco Campuzano

After diving into the Sonora, Civil Registration files to find a death record for Vicente Campuzano, I searched page by page through the Villa de Altar record of births for my great-grandfather Plutarco Campuzano and his brother, Vicente Campuzano Jr. Unfortunately I did not find them in Altar, but did locate them entered together in the files for the neighboring Pueblo de Pitiquito. These are great records, hand written with a Spanish flourish but clear enough to read a wealth of detail.

Vicente Jr's record of birth was recorded on the same day as Plutarco's, 18 April 1900, in Pitiquito, although his had occurred 6 years earlier on 20 April 1894. The records were entered by Santiago C. Martinez, Juez del Estado Civil (equivalent to the magistrate judge, this translates to judge of civil status of Pitiquito) (see Image 39, Sonora Civil Registration file for Pitiquito). The records confirm their mother as [Maria] Jesus Vazquez.
Source: FamilySearch, Sonora, Civil Registration for Pitiquito

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