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Thomas Jones 1778-1857

My Jones family links in Tennessee predate the formation of the state. I have previously written about Thomas Jones and his land purchases in Jefferson County on the French Broad River (see An Island in the French Broad from 11 February 2012), the decision against him in the State of Tennessee vs Thomas Jones (post dated 9 February 2012), and the records from Dumplin Creek Baptist Church (post dated 5 February 2012). This post is to tie up loose ends and cover Thomas' story as best as I know currently. [UPDATED 29 Dec 2012]

Thomas Jones (my 5th-great-grandfather) was born in North Carolina around 1778, although it is unclear at this time if this was within the present borders of Tennessee or North Carolina. He married Nancy Tucker on 30 June 1798 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. From the Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002:
Nancy was the daughter of James Tucker and Jane, and was born in North Carolina around 1773. James filed a pension application from service in the Revolutionary War for North Carolina, and I will have more on him in a subsequent post.

Census Records featuring Thomas Jones
Thomas appears in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 US Census records in Jefferson County. In the 1830 US Census, Thomas is listed with 1 male of 5 and under 10, 1 male of 15 and under 20, 1 male of 20 and under 30, 1 male of 50 and under 60 (Thomas), 1 female under 5, 2 females of 5 and under 10, 1 female of 10 and under 20, and 1 female of 50 and under 60 (Nancy).
 In 1840, Thomas Jones appears in the Northern Division of Jefferson County. In this record, there is one male of 15 and under 20, one 20 and under 30, and Thomas shown of 60 and under 70. There are also 2 females of 15 and under 20, and Nancy shown of 60 and under 70. Thomas Jones is residing near William Caldwell, John Kerr, Hugh Henry, and Duke Kimbrough (pastor at Dumplin Creek Baptist, who had married Robert Thomas Jones Sr and Elizabeth Thornhill).
By 1850, Thomas Jones is in District 13 of Jefferson County. He is shown as 72 years old, a farmer, with value of real estate worth $600, and from North Carolina. Nancy is on the next page, with daughter Malinda Jones (age 24).
I have an unsourced death date for Thomas Jones in 1857. Nancy does not appear in the 1860 Census in Jefferson County, so I also assume that she died sometime between 1850 and 1860.

Other Records
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In the Jefferson County Will Book No. 1 1792-1810, Thomas Jones appears in an inventory of the estate of Jesse Walker:
            Page 331-333 Richard Hix Admr.
            An inventory of the estate of Jesse Walker dec’d taken this 21st day of October 1807.
Sale of said estate at twelve months credit to wit, November 3, 1807: Sold to Richard Hix, James Simpson, Polly Walker, John Hays, John Henderson, Miss Walker, Thos. Jones, Jacob Layman, Elizabeth Walker, Lewis Ellis, Michael Banner, Andrew Henderson, Alex. Shadden, Jas. Doherty, Hugh Keys, John Hix, Hammond McCullough, Robt. Armstrong, and James Nelson. Judgement against Chas. Carter in the amount of $11.64.
                                                Richard Hix      January 23, 1808
In the book MISCELLANEOUS BONDS: ADMINISTRATION 1806-1814, CONSTABLES 1806-1857, MAINTENANCE (BASTARDY) 1807-1857, INDENTURES 1807-1828 JEFFERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, transcribed by Billie R. McNamara, Thomas Jones appears as a surety in several bond cases. 
Page 28- “BOND NO. 15  DATE  14 Dec 1830  MOTHER  Mary Gass BOUND PARTY  Joseph Thornhill SURETIES  John Baker; Thomas Jones CHARGE  Joseph Thornhill hath been charged with being the reputed father of a Base begotten Child a Boy of the body of Mary Gass SIGNATURES  Joseph X Thornbill; John Baker; Thomas X Jones”

Joseph Thornhill was the brother of Elizabeth Thornhill Jones. Joseph Thornhill married Mary Gass (b. 1805 in Jefferson County) on 31 August 1830 in Jefferson County. Her father was Samuel Gass (b. 1764, Ireland, d. 1839), mother Rebecca Kerr (http://www.harringtons.org/documents/gedcoms/John-E-Harrington/d0000/g0000064.html#I2140). The child described in this bond was Thomas W Thornhill, born Mar 1829.

Elizabeth’s mother, Sarah Westall [Restall] Thornhill, remained in the Jefferson County/Hamblen County area and appears in the 1860 Census.

John Baker was the son of James Baker, a prominent land owner in Jefferson County in the late 1790s & early 1800s (see http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/th/read/COATES/2003-07/1059627825).

“BOND NO. 83      DATE   10 Sep 1821    BOND AMOUNT  $500 CONSTABLE  Robert M. Newman  SURETY  John Douglas; Tho Jones SIGNATURES  Rob' M. Newman; John Dugless; Thos Jones”

Robert M. Newman was the son of Sara Irwin and Isaac Newman, born 15 Mar 1796 in Jefferson County, TN. Sara Irwin & Isaac Newman were from Guilford County, North Carolina (1753 & 1755), see http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:2041456&id=I99711775.

In the Jefferson County Will Book 3 1826-1833, Thomas Jones is listed in the Sale of Estate of James Campbell. It reads:

Taken Nov. 1, 1826, due Nov. 18, 1827 to Jane Campbell: Purchasers; William Caldwell, Elliott Peck, John Hays, Margaret Fain, Robert Miller, Thomas Jones, Alex. Newman, John Baker, Newman Caldwell, Henry H. Peck, one note of hand of 30 dollars on David Ashmore due three or four years ago, due from Nathan Sellars 12, Dec, R. F. Campbell, Joseph Hamilton Ck.

Caldwell Will located at http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/th/read/CAMPBELL/2006-09/1158356825. Jane Campbell’s maiden name was Peck, her brothers were Elliott and Henry Peck. The Peck family came to Tennessee from Virginia and Maryland (see http://jefferson.tngenealogy.net/research-aids/17-families/328-bible-and-records-of-wiley-peck). 

Thomas Jones and Samuel Jones (a son?) are referenced in the will of Samuel Lane in Jefferson County in 1847 (see http://ladytuffie.tripod.com/LaneFamilyTree/id4.html). Lane was the son of Tidence Lane (1724-1805), first Baptist minister in Tennessee. 

Children of Thomas Jones and Nancy Tucker
Based on a combination of the Census records, the Tennessee Marriage records for 1780-2002, and other resources on Ancestry.com, it my belief that Thomas Jones and Nancy Tucker had the following children:
1.     Joshua Jones, born about 1799 in Jefferson County. Joshua Jones married Margaret Dick in Jefferson County on 14 July 1827. Joshua Jones appears in the 1830 Census in Jefferson County near Thomas Jones.
2.     Robert Jones, born about 1806 in Jefferson County. Robert married Betsy (Elizabeth) Thornhill on 20 October 1824 in Jefferson County. Robert Jones appears in the 1830 Census next door to Betsy’s mother Sarah Westall [Restall] Thornhill.
3.    William Jones, born 1801; moved to Marion County, Arkansas
4.     Elizabeth Jones, born about 1810-1820, married Hugh Henry on 20 Sept 1831 in Jefferson County, Tennessee
5.     Conway Jones, born about 1812, married Ruth Biggs on 10 Nov 1840 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Moved to Hamilton County, Tennessee, then to Logan County, Arkansas
6.     Unknown Male [possibly Samuel] Jones, born about 1820-1825
7.     Unknown Female Jones, born about 1820-1825
8.     Unknown Female Jones, born about 1820-1825
            9.     Malinda Jones, born about 1826 in Jefferson County. Malinda married Joel Pruett on 20 July 1852 in Jefferson County.  
I will test this theory in upcoming posts but would welcome input from other researchers of the Jones family in East Tennessee. 

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