Friday, March 2, 2012

March Birthdays

I have a lot of March birthdays in the family, so I thought I would highlight them in a post. I will come back with more information on these individuals in the future.

John Armstrong - born 4 March 1813 in Fairfield County, Ohio

Nancy Hayden Clark - born March 1816 in Henry County, Virginia

Betty Jeanne Reynolds Goff Jones - born 12 March 1923 in Indiana (My Nana. She also shares a birthday with her mother, Marie Ray. Marie's father Alfred Ray was born on 31 March 1882 in Switzerland, and his father Jules Ray was born on 25 March 1864 in Switzerland)

Edgar Lawrence Jones & twin sister Edna Florence Jones - born 15 March 1896 in Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana
Elizabeth Lois Whitley - born 15 March 1901 in Elk Springs, Warren County, Kentucky
Thomas Robert Jones - born 23 March 1860 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

William Allman - born 25 March 1837 in Carroll County, Ohio

And me - turning 38 on 16 March and celebrating my birthday in San Jose, Costa Rica

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