Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Photo - Prague

I've just returned from meetings in Prague, Czech Republic. This is a view toward the Charles Bridge, from this past Tuesday.
Photo by Patrick L Jones - Prague, CZ, 26 June 2012


  1. Wow...I saw your line about just returning from Prague, and I was just about to comment on how fortunate you must be to have a job that allows you to travel to so many far-flung places...until I just realized how tired I am from just returning merely from my own state's capital. While all the pictures are beautiful to see, and the notion of all that travel has a certain romantic aura, it sure is good to be back home...

  2. I agree with Jacqi. There's no place like home. Especially if you have little ones.

  3. Thanks Jacqi and Andrea. I am very fortunate that I have a job that lets me do what I do around the world. I'm also very lucky to have a supportive family that understands this work isn't just work, but has a larger purpose as part of what makes the global Internet run in a coordinated way for all its users.

    My sister helps us a lot, although she has as much travel as I do, working in a government agency that sends her to further-flung destinations than I tend to go. I don't write about where she goes, but I am hoping she might be interested in writing her stories down in the future. I know my kids will find her adventures fascinating as they get bigger.

    Thanks for reading.


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