Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hispanic Heritage Month 2017

Photo by Patrick Jones. Blessing of the Animals mural, LA. 3 Jan 2016.
Friday marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. I have traditionally done a blog post, like this one last year, to frame my own connections with the month. I am quite proud of this heritage and the fascinating stories of those in my extended branches of the tree who made the journey to the US and through their own unique efforts had valuable contributions to this country.

Earlier in the year I researched Dr. Anita Calneh Post, daughter of Esther Suastegui, who was a decorated linguistic professor at the University of Arizona and popular singer in Tucson. I also wrote about my connections to the Amado family, writing about the descendants of noted rancher Manuel Amado. This a small sample of the stories I have covered on my hispanic heritage. 

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