Friday, August 4, 2017

Mariana and Garland

Before continuing on the path of recalling the impressive life of Anita Calneh Post, I need to step back and recap the life of her namesake aunt, Mariana Suastegui Post. As noted in my post on the families of my 5th-great-grandfather Francisco Suastegui, Mariana was the last daughter of Francisco Suastegui and second wife Concepcion Menendez, and a sister of Esther Suastegui Graham.

Mariana was baptized on 15 May 1859 in Magdalena, Sonora. Her obituary below indicates that Mariana came to Yuma as ward of her half-sister Maria Engracia Suastegui Burke in 1873. This makes me think her father Francisco must have died around then, probably in Mexico.

Esther and her first husband Albert G. Post introduced Mariana to her husband, Albert's brother, Garland Post. Mariana was living in Albert and Esther's home in the 1880 US Census. They hosted the wedding of the couple on 18 October 1884.
Arizona Sentinel, 25 Oct 1884.
Garland and Mariana had a daughter, Maria Post, on 26 August 1889. After the birth of their daughter, they relocated to Yamhill County, Oregon, roughly 1200 miles from Yuma. They had a son, Albert Post, on 13 September 1890. Maria died sometime in April 1890.

Mariana returned to Yuma to visit Esther in February 1893. She stayed through June 1893. A few months later, she died in Yamhill County in July 1893, her life cut short at the age of 34.
Arizona Sentinel, 10 Jun 1893.
Arizona Sentinel, 15 Jul 1893.
Garland Post died of typhoid fever on 21 September 1894. The news of his passing appeared in the Yuma, Arizona newspaper on 29 September 1894.
Arizona Sentinel, 29 Sep 1894.
Young Albert Post was adopted by his uncle Fred Lewis Post and his wife Alice and remained in Oregon, at least through 1911.

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