Saturday, August 5, 2017


While following references to Anita Calneh Post in the Arizona newspapers, I have occasionally stumbled across a familiar name, like this example from December 1915:
Arizona Sentinel, 30 Dec 1915.
Natalie Dalton and Anita Post often performed together in Tucson.
Arizona Daily Star, 12 Apr 1914
Arizona Daily Star, 11 Oct 1914
After thinking about this some more, it occurred to me that Anita and Natalie were cousins. Natalie was a daughter of Maria Jesus Vasquez and Winnall Dalton, and her grandmother was Concepcion Suastegui, half-sister of Esther Suastegui. Natalie was a year younger than Anita and was also a highly regarded vocalist in Tucson. Natalie's family made regular trips to Los Angeles and San Diego and owned land in California. I had wondered who Esther and Anita might have been visiting there, and it looks like the Dalton family were regular hosts for them. Seeing this reminds me to look back again at Borderman, Federico Ronstadt's memoirs, for mentions of Esther and Anita, and for potential future posts on the Dalton siblings.
Arizona Daily Star, 9 Jan 1916.
Arizona Daily Star, 7 Jan 1917.

The regular performances involving the two, and other members of the Dalton and Ronstadt families shows the tight connection between these cousins, descendants of Francisco Suastegui. I will have more on the Dalton family in the near future after I wrap up my posts on Esther's children.

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