Monday, August 7, 2017

A Tragic Loss

Not all family histories have happy stories. My research into the life of Anita Calneh Post revealed a tragic loss for her and two others in the family in 1938. In September 1938, Anita was driving her sister-in-law, Maria Giron Post, and her four-year-old grandson Garland Post, back to her son Albert Post's home in Hemet, California, near Palm Springs. The car Anita was driving lost control on the Pines-to-Palms highway.
Arizona Daily Star, 12 Sep 1938.
The news hit hard at the University of Arizona. From the 13 September 1938 Arizona Daily Star:
Arizona Daily Star, 13 Sep 1938.
Her colleague Helen Nicholson wrote a tribute to Anita, appearing in the Tucson newspaper on 21 September 1938.
Arizona Daily Star, 21 Sep 1938.
The 1939 University of Arizona yearbook also included a recognition for Anita and four others.
Source: U. of Arizona Special Collections. 1939 yearbook, p.10.

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