Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Leaving a legacy

Anita's will provided $6000 for the establishment of two scholarships in the name of her parents, Albert G. Post and Esther Suastegui Graham. The will was read into probate on 19 September 1938.

Arizona Daily Star, 20 Sep 1938.
The article above contains some errors. Anita's niece, Maria Laura Post, did not die in the car accident, it was her sister-in-law Maria Giron Post. Maria Laura Post was attending the University of Arizona. Albert G. Post, son of Anita's aunt Mariana Suastegui Post, was not found, and the funds were used to create a monument for Mariana in Oregon (although the information inscribed on the monument has the wrong year of death for Mariana).

Anita willed the entire title to a 156 acre farm in the Mohawk Valley, a farm that was purchased by their mother Esther Suastegui as a homestead claim in 1890. Two additional lots were split among her brother Asa Frank Post and half-brother John Peter Munson. The Mohawk Valley property was later sold at auction in 1946.

In September 1939, the University of Arizona Library took possession of 900 volumes from Anita's personal library.
Arizona Daily Star, 17 Sep 1939.
The University also named an annual award to the Spanish major with the highest scholarship average over four years. The Anita C. Post Memorial Award was offered for the first time in May 1939.

Anita's book on Southern Arizona Spanish is still available through Stanford University.

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