Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another branch of the tree

While continuing to look through the Arizona resources on, I have stumbled onto an under-researched branch of the Suastegui family. My 5th-great-grandfather Francisco Suastegui had two families, one by first wife and my 5th-great-grandmother Maria Josefa de la Peña, and a second family after her death with Concepcion Menendez. As I understand so far, here is what I have for these two families.

Children of Francisco Suastegui and Maria Josefa de la Peña:

- Pedro Suastegui, born 1826 in Altar, Sonora, Mexico
- Maria Jesus Suastegui
- Maria Concepcion Suastegui, 1836-1903
- Jesus Suastegui, 1837-1897
- Maria Engracia Suastegui, 1841-1891
- Jose Francisco Angel Suastegui, 1842-1846

Maria Josefa died sometime before 1852. Francisco Suastegui and Concepcion Menendez had at least the following children:

- Antonio Suastegui, born March 1853, died 24 November 1853 in Altar, Sonora, Mexico
- Maria Esther Suastegui, born 27 December 1857
- Mariana Suastegui, born May 1859, died July 1893

Maria Engracia Suastegui

Francisco's daughter Maria Engracia Suastegui married William Henry Harrison Burke in Magdalena, Sonora on 16 March 1859. They had a son on 29 November 1859 in Yuma, Arizona, Palatin (or Palatine) Robinson Burke. Given the dates, Maria Engracia was likely pregnant when she married Burke.

In 1860, the young family moved to Tucson, Arizona, where they appear in the 1860 US Census.
1860 US Census, Tucson, Arizona.

In 1880, they were in Maricopa County. The family had grown to three sons.
1880 US Census, Maricopa County, Arizona.
William Burke died on 31 July 1890 in Yuma, Arizona. His obituary appeared in the Arizona Sentinel on 2 August 1890, recounting an adventurous life.
Arizona Sentinel, 2 Aug 1890.

Maria Engracia Suastegui died on 9 November 1891. Her obituary appeared in the Arizona Sentinel on 10 November 1891.
Arizona Sentinel, 10 Nov 1891.
Area newspapers mention two of the Suastegui siblings in connection with Maria Engracia, her half-sisters Maria Esther Suastegui and Mariana Suastegui. Following these two sisters has uncovered quite a fascinating story for each, stories that will have to wait until after I return from some upcoming travel.

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