Sunday, June 7, 2015

Notarized with a flourish

It is great to see documents written in the hand of my 5th-great-grandfather Francisco Suastegui. In 1854, he was serving as a notary in the Catholic Church records for Nuestra SeƱora de Guadelupe in Altar. His signature shows that he was an educated man and was trusted in the town to officiate important documents.
Source: FamilySearch, Mexican Catholic Church Records. 1854.

On 7 September 1854, Francisco notarized an Informacion Matrimonial where my 3rd-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano provided his testimony as a witness for Jose Maria Mendes. Vicente wrote that he was 44 years old and a shoemaker. It is wonderful to see two different sides of the family tree on the same paper, sides that wouldn't become part of the same family until February 1890 when Vicente's son, my 2nd-great-grandfather, married Maria Jesus Vasquez, great-granddaughter of Francisco Suastegui.
Source: FamilySearch, Image 23 of 657.

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