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Antonio and Ignacia

Source: Arizona Memory Project. Urias Family, Nov 1918. Tucson.
In Sunday's post Working Backward, I noted how Francisco Urias was living at 39 W. Cushing Street, just down the block from Antonio G. Urias at 133 W. Cushing Street. Both men worked at Steinfelds in Tucson. Given the proximity, I thought there may be a family connection between the two, a connection that might lead to the DNA link with two other AncestryDNA matches from my Mom's side of the tree.

The photo above, dated 3 November 1918, shows the family of Antonio Gallego Urias, his wife Ignacia Terrazas, and eight children at their home on 135 W. Cushing Street. The picture was found on the Arizona Memory Project website. Antonio and Ignacia were married on 8 November 1900 in Tucson. He was 24 and she was 22 at the time.

Antonio was born on 6 April 1876 in Tucson, the son of Antonio Urias and Macaria Gallego. Antonio died on 24 January 1934 in Tucson. According to his obituary, he was descended from a family of Tucson pioneers. He had worked for many years as a salesman for Steinfelds, and later for Hayman Krupp. This work often took him back across the border with Mexico, and Antonio applied for a US Passport in 1918 and again in 1920. His 1920 application included a photo:
Antonio G. Urias, 1920.
His former employer at Albert Steinfeld & Co. provided a letter to vouch for Antonio's integrity as part of his passport renewal. The letter shows Urias had changed jobs to Hayman Krupp of El Paso, and his new job had him traveling in Mexico.
Source: Ancestry, US Passport Applications.

In his passport application, Antonio stated that his late father Antonio Urias had immigrated to the US about 1861and resided in the US for 25 years, from 1861 to 1886. From his death record on Ancestry (via the Sonora Civil Registration records hosted from FamilySearch), it looks like Antonio Urias Senior died in Arizpe, Sonora on 4 September 1886. Antonio's father, Mariano Urias, was a witness on the record. There is more to follow on Mariano and Antonio Urias Senior.

Ignacia Terrazas was born on 31 July 1878 in Tucson. Her parents, Ygnacio Terrazas and Brigida Calles Herrera, came to Tucson from Hermosillo in the 1870s. Brigida's middle name of Calles makes me wonder if there is not also a connection to my 5th-great-grandparents, Joseph Manuel Calles and Manuela Flores. There's much more on Ygnacio and Brigida too, a hint of their story is recalled in this article below from the Arizona Daily Star dated 3 July 2001 (source Newspapers.com):
Arizona Daily Star, 3 Jul 2001.

Here is another article from the Arizona Daily Star, interviewing Ignacia Terrazas de Urias in 1962.
Arizona Daily Star, 14 Feb 1962.
A clearer version of the photo in the news article is available via the Arizona Memory Project, which I include below. It shows from left to right, Estela Castelan, Lupe Urias, Maria Castelan, Maria Urias and Rodolfo Urias in front. Lupe, Maria and Rodolfo were the three youngest children of Antonio and Ignacia.
Source: Arizona Memory Project, 1925.

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