Thursday, December 29, 2016

Where I ran in 2016

Source: Mapmyrun. Reykjavik Marathon, 20 Aug 2016.

According to Mapmyrun, I've run a whopping 667 miles in 2016. While the year is not quite over yet and I may still run a little bit more, I thought it might be interesting to look back on my year in running and see some of the interesting places I was lucky to run through. I am quite happy with what I achieved. I set a post-40 personal best in the Alexandria Turkey Trot, completed the marathon in August, and another half marathon back in April.

I ran pretty consistently through the winter months, starting with 43 miles in January and 78.9 in February. January also saw my first run with LA running group Blacklist LA at LACMA's Urban Light.
Source: Mapmyrun. Blacklist LA run, 4 Jan 2016.

In March I ran through Marrakech, Morocco, walked over 10 miles through Wynwood Walls and the Miami Airport, and ran through Xcaret and Chichen Itza in Mexico.
Source: Mapmyrun. 5 miles in Marrakech.
April included the brutal hills around Charlottesville for the Charlottesville Half. In May I ran three miles in Moscow, 13 miles in Amsterdam and 9 miles in Minsk, all within the same trip.
Source: Mapmyrun. 6 mile run through Minsk.
In June and July I really stepped up the mileage as I got closer to running the Reykjavik Marathon, hitting 117 and 115 miles. This included a memorable 17 mile Midsummer night run through Helsinki and two of my then longest runs, 19 and 20 miles along the Potomac.
Source: Mapmyrun. Midsummer training run.
August featured the long run through Reykjavik (see the top of this post for the map), while runs slowed considerably in September as I recovered. I did manage to run with Blacklist LA again in September while in LA. November saw treadmill running in Hyderabad. December has been light on the miles but I am looking forward to more runs in interesting places in the first few months of 2017.

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