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Isaac Smith

Source: Ingenweb.org, map of Gibson County, Indiana.
In my earlier post on the Smith family, I included a map showing land owned by Isaac Smith in Johnson Township, Gibson County. Isaac acquired 80 acres of land on the west half of the northeast quarter of Section 32 as part of a land patent issued on 15 November 1830. He entered another land patent on 6 June 1832 for the adjoining 80 acres covering the east half of the northeast quarter of Section 32.

Isaac Smith was born on 7 June 1799 in Fayette or Adair County, Kentucky. Isaac married Susan Ann Martin around 1825, although I have not been able to find a marriage record for them in Kentucky or Indiana before Isaac appears in Gibson County in 1830. They had at least 12 children:
- Naomi Jane Smith, 1826-1890
- Priscilla Smith, 1830-1869
- Jesse Asbury Smith, 1832-1920
- Margaret E. Smith, 1834-
- Rebecca C. Smith, 1836-
- Mary A. Smith, 1838-
- Marticia Smith, 1840-
- Elizabeth E. Smith, 1842-
- Helena F. Smith, 1848-
- Isaac H. Smith, 1848-
- William F. Smith, 1849-
- John Smith, 1853-

Isaac died on 10 October 1858. His will was entered into probate in Gibson County on 25 October 1858.

Isaac's will was executed on 30 November 1857. He left a life estate for his wife, listed here as Sucky Ann Smith. His first son Jesse A. Smith was given 60 acres of land in the southeast quarter of Section 32. The remaining quarter of land was given to his sons Isaac H. Smith and John Smith. He gave the remaining 100 acres of his original land patent in the northeast quarter of section 32 to be equally divided among them.

The remainder of Isaac's personal estate was to be equally divided by his daughters after the death of his wife Susan Ann. His daughters were listed as Naomi J. Epperson, Priscilla Smith, Margaret E. Smith, Rebecca C. Brownfield, Mary A. Smith, Martitia C. Smith, Eliza E. Smith, Helena F. Smith. Jesse A. Smith and Charles Epperson were appointed as executors.
Source: Findagrave. Headstone of Isaac and Susan Ann Smith.

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