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Shifting locations and stories

Summer at Shinnecock Hills by William Merritt Chase, 1891. 

I am taking a break from writing about AncestryDNA connections on my Mom's Mexican side of the tree to wait on the arrival of some research. I think one connection is to the family of Ignacio Terrazas and Brigida Herrera. In the meantime, there is a line on my Dad's side of the tree that I have not spent much time writing about here. For the next few days I will follow the Smith family of my 2nd-great-grandmother, Anna Smith Lamon.

I previously posted a copy of the marriage record for Anna Luiza Smith and Uriah Lamon back in August 2013. They were married in Gibson County, Indiana on 9 November 1884. The same post included a copy of the marriage record for Anna's parents, Jesse A. Smith and Rebecca Muck. Jesse and Rebecca were married in Gibson County on 27 May 1856.

According to Jesse's death certificate, he passed away on 1 July 1920 in Fort Branch, Gibson County. This document lists his birth date as 7 February 1832 and the name of his father, Isaac Smith.

The lands of Jesse A. Smith and his father Isaac Smith Sr. appear in the Gibson County land ownership map from 1881 in Sections 29 and 32, Johnson Township.
Johnson Township, Gibson County, 1881.
In the 1920 US Census, taken 6 January 1920, Jesse was living in the household of his son, William L. Smith and his wife Lisa. Ten years previous, Jesse appears in the 1910 US Census as head of household, with his daughter Anna Luiza Smith Lamon and her husband, my 2nd-great-grandfather, Uriah Lamon.
1910 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
Jesse and Rebecca appear together in the 1900 US Census. She passed away the next year, on 3 February 1901.
1900 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
In the 1880 US Census, the family appears in Johnson Township, Gibson County. Jesse and Rebecca had two children, William L. Smith, and my 2nd-great-grandmother Anna Luiza. William was born on 14 April 1857, Anna was born in June 1861.
1880 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
Looking back another ten years, in the 1870 US Census, Jesse and Rebecca had a small farm with their two children. Jesse's mother, Susan, also appears three houses away, with several of Jesse's siblings still living at home.
1870 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
Susan died on 9 October 1875, she is buried in Blythe Chapel Cemetery in Owensville, Gibson County with her husband Isaac Smith. Her headstone says she was born on 15 August 1808.

Jesse and Rebecca were living next door to Susan and Jesse's siblings in the 1860 US Census.
1860 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
Jesse's father, Isaac Smith, last appears in the 1850 US Census. He died on 10 October 1858 in Gibson County.
1850 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
Isaac Smith appears in the 1840 US Census in Gibson County, living next to John Smith. Isaac was also in the 1830 US Census in the same place.
1840 US Census, Gibson County, Indiana.
Isaac and Susan had at least the following children:
- Naomi Jane Smith, 1826-1890
- Priscilla Smith, 1830-1869
- Jesse Asbury Smith, 1832-1920
- Margaret E. Smith, 1834-
- Rebecca C. Smith, 1836-
- Mary A. Smith, 1838-
- Marticia Smith, 1840-
- Elizabeth Smith, 1842-
- Helena F. Smith, 1848-
- William F. Smith, 1849-
- Isaac Smith, 1850-
- John Smith, 1851-

We are lucky that the Indiana Probate records contain the will and probate files for Jesse Smith and his father Isaac. I will have more from these records in the next post.

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