Sunday, December 11, 2016

Working backward

Source: Ancestry. US Postcards Collection. Tucson, Arizona.

In yesterday's post I started to look at the possible link to the Urias family. Francisco Urias and his wife Ambrosia Salazar appear with their family in the 1920 US Census in Tucson. At the time, Francisco and two sons Francisco and Alberto were working in a grocery store. Ambrosia's father, Juan Jose Salazar and sister Jesus Salazar, were living next door.
Source: Ancestry. 1920 US Census. Tucson, Arizona.
The family appears again in the 1910 US Census in Tucson. Juan Jose and Jesus Salazar were sharing the home with Francisco and Ambrosia then.
Source: Ancestry. 1910 US Census.

According to his WWI draft card, Francisco Urias was born on 2 August 1874. It also shows that as of September 1918 he was working as a clerk at Steinfelds.

Albert Steinfeld & Co. was an early and long-operating department store in Tucson. A photo showing the store in 1902 is below. This is probably where Francisco and his sons were working in the 1920 Census.
Albert Steinfeld & Co., 1902
In the 1913 Tucson City Directory, Francisco Urias appears as a clerk at Steinfelds, living at 706 Osborne Avenue. Another person from the Urias family also appears as a clerk at Steinfelds, Antonio G. Urias.
1913 Tucson City Directory
In the 1899 Tucson City Directory, Francisco Urias appears as teamster, living at 39 W. Cushing Street with his father Juan Urias and brother Manuel. Antonio Urias was living nearby at 133 W. Cushing Street.
1899 Tucson City Directory.

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