Saturday, July 18, 2015


This is from the Mexico, Catholic Church Records on FamilySearch. It is a screen shot showing the confirmation of my 3rd-great-grandmother Maria Jesus Suastegui, with her parents, Pedro Suastegui and Ana Maria Orosco in Altar, Sonora, Mexico. The date listed was 1 June 1859.
Source: FamilySearch Mexico Catholic Church records.

Digging through the unindexed records on FamilySearch this morning yielded several new finds. Just four months after Maria Jesus' confirmation, her 10 month old brother Joaquin Suastegui died in Altar. Ana Maria Orosco is listed on the death record, which was signed by Father Bartolome Suastegui. The date on this record is 23 October 1859.
Source: FamilySearch, Mexico Catholic Church Records.
1859 must have been a tough year for Ana Maria. In February 1859, she lost a younger sister, Josefa Orosco. She was just 23 years old.
Source: FamilySearch, Image 192 of 361.

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