Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Neighbors and Family

Earlier in the month I viewed the Civil War pension file of Thomas W. Thornhill. His file included affidavits of support from fellow members of the 1st Tennessee Cavalry, Benjamin Hickey and Joseph Wesley Cox. On Monday I was able to view the Civil War pension file of Wesley Cox, and as expected, his file included affidavits of support from Thomas W. Thornhill and Benjamin Hickey.

These men were neighbors in Valley Home, Hamblen County, Tennessee. They attested that they were personally acquainted with Wesley Cox for 35 years. They were more than neighbors, they were family. Wesley Cox was married to Benjamin Hickey's sister, Margaret Adaline Hickey. They married on 2 June 1858 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Benjamin Hickey's second wife, Louise Paralee Thornhill, was a cousin of Thomas Thornhill.

Joseph Wesley Cox died on 15 March 1904, five days after his wife Margaret. The pension file lists the following children of Wesley and Margaret:
- Edward Cox, born 15 June 1859
- Martha Jane Cox, born 16 Apr 1862
- Rachel Savannah Cox, born 18 July 1866
Source: US National Archives
I am posting this in case researchers looking for Wesley Cox stumble on the blog based on the earlier posts.

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