Monday, November 26, 2012

Marriage of Vicente and Maria Jesus

After searching for so long to find information on my Granny's side of family, it's a bit stunning to see the records were there all along, in Mexico, just waiting to be made available online. On 5 February 1890, my 2nd-great-grandparents Vicente Campuzano and Maria Jesus Vasquez were married (*correction - they filed an Informacion Matrimonial as their intent to marry) at Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Altar.
Source: FamilySearch, Mexico Catholic Church records
This document comes from the Mexico, Catholic Church Records on FamilySearch, from Altar, Sonora, Marriages 1889-1893, Image 102 of 576. This record confirms the parents of Vicente Campuzano as Vicente Campuzano and Concepcion Amado, who I mentioned in a post from May 2012 titled From the Land of the Fire Ants. The next page, Image 103, confirms the parents of Maria Jesus were Gabriel Vasquez and Maria Jesus Suastegui. I have also included the witness pages, as it shows other connections.
The marriage was certified by Father Bartolome Suastegui (2 Nov 1834-25 Jan 1902), the priest of Altar. Maria Jesus Vasquez and Father Suastegui were related (I'll have more on this as well).
In 1889, Vicente Campuzano witnessed a marriage in Altar and his signature appears on the page with Father Suastegui (I'll save this for a future post).

This is a fantastic record. I'm thankful that the records were preserved and scanned, and made freely available by FamilySearch. I wasn't sure I would ever find this, and now I know the family goes much further back into Mexican history. 

Correction - 10 August 2015: The actual marriage of Vicente Campuzano and Maria Jesus Vasquez occurred on 2 May 1890. See the marriage record below. Thanks to Raclare for pointing me to this document.
Source: FamilySearch, Matrimonios, Sonora, Mexico.

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