Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Setting up the next generation

In continuing with the review of Boone County land deeds involving my 4th great-grandfather James Vail, the next deeds in the set involved a land swap on 28 February 1865 between James, his oldest daughter Mary E. Vail and her husband, Thomas Wesley Lankford. In the first deed, James bought 20 acres in Boone County from Thomas Lankford in exchange for $600. On the same day, Thomas Lankford bought 40 acres to James and Selina Vail in exchange for $1400.

In the 1860 Census, the young couple of Thomas and Mary Lankford appear in Sugar Creek Township, Boone County, Indiana. James and Selina were living in neighboring Franklin Township, Montgomery County in the same year.
Source: 1860 US Census, Sugar Creek Twp, Boone County, Indiana
By 1870, Thomas (appearing under his middle name Wesley) and Mary were joined in Sugar Creek Township by Mary's brothers William and Leander Vail with their young families. The Lankford's land value had increased quite a bit from 1860, very likely this is due to the purchase from James and Selina Vail.

On 10 January 1865, James Vail bought the land he would sell to Thomas and Mary Lankford a month later. James paid $1400 for the land, so he got his money back in February when Thomas and Mary bought the 40 acres. Perhaps he purchased the land only to sell to Thomas and Mary.

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