Monday, May 18, 2015

International Museum Day

In honor of International Museum Day, I have a collection of photos from my wanderings around Istanbul over the weekend. On Saturday, the Pera Museum was open until Midnight. The first set of pictures are of street art from last year's Pera Museum exhibition, art work which can still be found in Abbasaga Park in Besiktas. The next set shows art from the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, followed by some shots from the Istanbul Modern Museum.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Street art by Herakut, 2014 Pera Museum exhibition.
The shot above is by German duo Herakut, from last fall's Language of the Wall exhibition. The translation from Turkish is "Imagine you had to teach your kids never to laugh."
Photo by Patrick Jones. Street art by Psyckoze, 2014.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Portrait of Ottoman Lady.
The painting above is from the Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum. At 10 TL (about $3.80), it is a bargain. While the lines were packed at neighboring Dolmabahce Palace, the Painting and Sculpture Museum was empty.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Galata Bridge in Ottoman times.
Down the street from Dolmabahce Palace is the wonderful Istanbul Modern museum. They also have a nice restaurant with great views of the Bosporus.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Contrasts by Ekrem Yalçındağ, 2010-11.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Canan Tolon, 2012.
The first two photos are from the 'Past and Future' exhibition of modern and contemporary art from Turkey. The museum also has a very interesting photography exhibition titled 'Magnum - Contact Sheets' on display through 2 August.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Istanbul Modern permanent collection.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Books suspended from the ceiling.

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