Saturday, May 2, 2015

Post Alley

Seattle's Post Alley and grimy Gum Wall provides a view of punk rock culture. It is hard to call this street art, unlike other scenes that I seek out in cities around the world. But this does evoke a connection to Seattle's rock music culture. I was in town late last week for some meetings and to join my wife while she had a conference.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Pike Place Market, Seattle.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Post Alley, Seattle.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Post Alley, Seattle.
I did manage to find a cool stencil in the alley of an elephant, which I have blown up to a bigger view in order to show the detail. Nice work signed by S. T. Rivera.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Elephant stencil, Pike Place Market alley.
Seattle was a fun city. We managed to visit the Experience Music Project Museum, which currently has an exhibit on Nirvana and the punk rock scene in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This was the music of my college years, and bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Alice in Chains, and later, the Foo Fighters and Sleater-Kinney were in regular rotation in my radio (and still are today).

Walking around Seattle today one can see how grunge became a huge trend, it fits perfect with the city's damp weather.

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