Friday, September 5, 2014

Obituary for Harry O'Brien

Back in August, I wrote about how I was working to fill in the gaps on my grandmother Blanche O'Brien and her family. At some point in doing family history research, one needs to rely on the assistance of others to find certain documents and information. I had been looking for obituaries and news articles on Blanche and her father Harry O'Brien, but the Indianapolis Star/News archives for these years have not yet been digitized by the Indiana State Library. So, I reached out to a few researchers in Indianapolis.

Denise Anderson-Decina, a professional researcher in Indianapolis, was able to track down these articles at the State Library. I am separating this into a series of posts. This first set covers the obituaries and death notices for my great-grandfather, Harry O'Brien from 8 and 9 August 1957.
Indianapolis News, 8 Aug 1957
Ind. News, 9 Aug 1957
In addition to confirming information I already had, the obituary uncovered some new leads referring to his membership in the Millersville Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star and Sahara Grotto. All of these organizations still exist in Indianapolis. I've reached out to the Millersville Lodge to see what records or photos they may have on Harry, and also on Blanche, who was a member of the Order of Eastern Star as well.

Huge thanks go to Denise for locating these and other articles.

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